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Sunday Paper Coupons (also known at Couponing Fanatics), provides free coupons and free couponing resources. If you want to learn how to coupon, already know how to coupon and just want to get all of your free coupons from one source, need to brush up on your skills, or simply need access to our free resources... Welcome!

What are Sunday Paper Coupons? They are the coupons that are found in most Sunday Papers in the form of folded inserts. These inserts are called Coupon Inserts, and these inserts are provided by these sources: SmartSource(SS), Save, and occasionally Unilever. The number of inserts that are provided each week varies, and can vary by Region/location. The inserts contain grocery, restaurant and/or local coupons that you can clip and redeem to save money.

Sunday Paper Coupons


(There are many ways to save on groceries/food. These are listed in no particular order. Many of these strategies can be combined!)

  • Clip Paper Coupons from newspapers and print free online coupons from our site and grocery store sites.
  • Check Unit Prices! This is the most basic way to save money on groceries. You should always be looking at unit prices. For example, if I'm purchasing a 16oz size box of Spaghetti Noodles, and "Brand 1" is 4.9 cents per ounce, and "Brand 2" is 6.3 cents per ounce; I'm purchasing Brand 1.
  • Shop at stores that offer BOGOs - Buy one, get one free. But be certain that these are actually a deal. Because at some stores, these prices are still higher than if you purchased the item at Walmart.
  • Purchase Store Brand products whenever possible. They are ALWAYS a better price! For instance, if you shop at Walmart, their Store Brand products are called "Great Value". When/if you try many of these store brands they often taste similar and sometimes better than the name brand products; and the bonus is that they are always cheaper!
  • If you have them in your area, shop at stores like Aldi. Their prices are lower because they avoid the brand name products/packaging. It appears that many of their products are packaged in off-brand packaging, but many are still made by name brand manufacturer's. This is what I've been told by employees. Many of their items taste exactly the same as the name brand items! Check them out and save some money.
  • Use Cashback Couponing Sites like RakutenCheckout 51 and ibotta. They'll put cash into your account, then you can transfer out the cash  when you reach a certain amount.
  • Check out discount stores like Dollar Tree, Family Dollar and Family General. Dollar Tree has raised their prices to $1.25 per item. I have found items at Family Dollar still priced at $1.00, so check out their grocery section.
  • Take advantage of Free-After-Rebate offers. You can get several free products when you purchase them first, then submit for a rebate either by mail or electronically. Be prepared to wait for 8 to 12 weeks to get your money back though.
  • Use Cash Back Credit and Debit Cards. Although the cash back amounts are small (1% to 3% usually), every little bit helps!
  • Many Checking Accounts now have a Cash Back Deals section. If your bank offers this, check it out and use it. You can select offers/stores that you use and save by getting cash back deposited into your checking account. They will usually offer limited-time offers and a wide array of retailers that sometimes includes grocery stores, restaurants and fast food places.
  • Stop unnecessary spending. I know it's hard, but sometimes we purchase things that are just going to spoil in the refrigerator before we can get around to eating it, or it gets freezer burnt in the back of the freezer. If you don't plan on cooking it within 2 weeks, don't buy it yet.
  • Stop tossing groceries in the trash prematurely. The dates listed on products are for "Quality" or Peak Freshness "not Safety", as stated by the USDA. And many of these products end up in the trash while they're still perfectly edible, thereby wasting thousands of dollars per year! I refer you to this page from the USDA, "Before You Toss Food, Wait. Check It Out!" They also have links that provide timelines for how long to keep pantry and frozen items.

How to Navigate the Site:

In the FREE GROCERY COUPONS Section, we provide: 
Tons of free Printable Coupons, Cashback Coupons and Digital Coupons, plus a listing of over 400+ Manufacturers to request Free Coupons by Mail

In the LEARN HOW TO COUPON Section, we provide: 
An easy-to-understand "How to Coupon" course, so that you can get started couponing today! You've heard many people say that "I don't coupon because it takes too much time." Well, that depends on how far down the rabbit hole you're willing to go. If you want to do "basic" couponing, then it will not take much of your time at all, and you will still save a significant amount of money. Basic couponing has a basic formula. The formula is: Purchase an item on Sale (preferably) + Use a Coupon = Savings. That's It! If you don't have time to learn anything beyond that, then you don't have to. With this formula, you will still save a lot of money each year! 

In the COUPON RESOURCES Section, we provide:
The Sunday Coupon Insert Schedule gives you an advanced look at the coupon inserts that will be in the upcoming Sunday Paper. Our "Best Time to Buy..." Listings let you know the peak times to purchase at the best price and/or when the product is in Season. The "Free Coupon Inserts" insert page has ideas for several ways to obtain Sunday Paper Coupons and Coupon Inserts absolutely free. The Grocery Coupon Policies, Grocery Loyalty Programs and Weekly Grocery Ads pages contain direct links to the Grocery Store Chains. This section is filled with additional resources.

In the NON-GROCERY SAVINGS/COUPONS Section, we provide:
Retail discounts, such as cash back deals, percentage discounts and coupon codes. Restaurant Coupons and Fast Food Coupons, plus ongoing deals at other establishments (like convenience stores) that do not require a coupon.

In the COUPONING SUPPLIES Section, we provide:
Ways to get your Sunday Newspaper at discounted prices. Whether you need one paper, or multiples for the Sunday paper coupons, there's no need to pay newsstand prices! Don't want to spend time clipping your own coupons? We've got places that will do it for you! 

There are lots of savings and free resources, so bookmark this page, and start saving!

Couponing Fanatics | Sunday Paper Coupons


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