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I've provided a list of 17 Ways of how and where to get Restaurant Deals, Coupons for Restaurants, Fast Food Coupons, Free Food and Free Birthday Meals when dining out at Restaurants! When you realize how much money you can save each month by simply using a coupon or other savings method when you dine out, you'll jump for joy! You eat at these places anyway, so you may as well take advantage of all of the savings that they offer. I'll be adding to this list as I find additional methods.

Restaurant Deals
Discount Restaurant Coupons & Fast Food Coupons sells discounted gift cards to Restaurants. They have some major chains, but the majority of Restaurants are your local restaurants.  It's a great way to save at local restaurants and to try many restaurants that you may not have visited yet. They sell $25 Restaurant Certificates for $10 or less, $15 Restaurant Certificates for $5 or less, and $10 Restaurant Certificates for $4 or less! They offer frequent deals where you can get them for even less than these prices. To see the current offer, see the box below. offers discount restaurant coupons in the print and online versions of their annual Coupon Savings Book. This book can save you tons of money each year on things like dining out, fast food, entertainment and sports, travel and even retail purchases. The best part is that they do not publish a one-book-fits-all edition. The books are tailored to your City/Region, so you will receive coupons for products and services in your area.

How does it help you to save when dining out? Well, the list of restaurants, fast food chains, ice cream and coffee shops, plus other places to purchase confectioneries and such is endless.  

In the Casual and Family Dining section, here are just some of the larger chain Restaurants that offered coupons in my book/area:

  • Beef 'O' Brady's
  • Buca di Beppo
  • Friendly's
  • Pizza Hut
  • Shoney's
  • Steak 'n Shake
  • The Melting Pot
  • Tijuana Flats
  • plus dozens of other local Restaurants!

In the Fast Food & Other section, here are just some of the larger chains that offered coupons in my book/area:

  • Auntie Anne's
  • Baskin Robbins
  • Bertucci's
  • Ben & Jerry's
  • Boston Market
  • Dairy Queen
  • Dippin' Dots
  • Dunkin' Donuts
  • Long John Silver's
  • Marble Slab Creamery
  • Orange Julius
  • Rita's Italian Ice
  • Sonic
  • Wetzel's Pretzels
  • and dozens more local and other Chains!

Each coupon will offer a different savings, but you can expect many:

  • BOGO (buy-one-get-one-free) deals
  • B1G1 50% off (buy-one-get-one 50% off) deals
  • Flat Percentage Discounts (i.e., 10 to 50% off)
  • Dollar off discounts, such as $5 off a $25 purchase
  • Plus lots of Free Offers, such as: Get A Free ?? with any purchase

They frequently offer discounts on the books and/or online access to coupons. You can see the current deal in the photo below. To order, simply select your City/Region. You can even preview the online offers prior to ordering.


Groupon is a great way to save when dining out. Simply join, then click on the Restaurants tab near the top. You can then look at all offers/discounts available in your area, or you can see offers by the type of establishment, such as: Restaurant, Coffee and Treats, Bars, etc. You'll find discounts to restaurants, pizza parlors, ice cream shops, bakeries, and more. Discounts can range anywhere from 20% to 60% off!


LivingSocial offers many local Restaurant deals that will save you money. Simply join, then click on the "Local" tab at the top of the page. You'll then see several options... click on the "Restaurants" option, and you'll then see the current deals available.

Email or eClub

When you join the Restaurant or Fast Food Restaurant’s Email or eClub, not only may they send you discount coupons through-out the year, but depending on the restaurant, they may also send you a coupon for a free or discounted food, drink or dessert item for (1) signing up; (2) your Birthday; (3) your Anniversary; and (4) the Anniversary of the date you signed up. These offers vary by restaurant/establishment.  They will also inform you of any Contests or Sweepstakes they are running and Holiday or Gift Card Specials.

Restaurant Gift Cards

There are special times of the year when Restaurants offer great deals on Gift Cards! 

Restaurant Gift Card Specials spring up through-out the year, and usually only last for 2 to 4 weeks. You will find most Restaurant Gift Card Deals in the months of October through December as Restaurants are hoping that you will purchase Gift Cards for Holiday gift giving. The other times of year that many restaurants offer these deals are starting in April for upcoming Graduation, Mother's Day and Father's Day celebrations. During these months, the majority of major Restaurant Chains will offer this kind of Gift Card Deal.

A restaurant will usually offer a deal structured something like this: Purchase $25 in Gift Cards and receive a $5 Bonus Card; or purchase $50 in Gift Cards and receive a $10 Bonus Card; or purchase $100 in Gift Cards and receive a $20 Bonus Card.

So be certain to ask your favorite Restaurants if they're offering any Gift Card deals right now, and get those Bonus Cards! (Idea) You can even give the Gift Cards as gifts and keep the Bonus Cards for yourself.

Here's how to save even more! Restaurant Gift Cards are considered the same as cash, and can therefore be used in conjunction with that Restaurant's discount coupon. For example, if you have a $5.00 off coupon for Outback Steakhouse and you have a $50 Gift Card, you can use them together. "Bonus Gift Cards" cannot, however, be combined with a Restaurant's discount coupon, because these are considered "like" or "the same as" coupons.

(Another Great Idea - Here's what I do) When you're dining out, purchase your Gift Card Deal FIRST, THEN use the $50 or $100 gift card to pay for your meal. Don't let the waiter/waitress talk you into purchasing the Gift Card(s) after you've eaten. If you let them do this, the bill will be much larger, because then, you're paying for the meal + the Gift Card(s) in one purchase/total, and you might even be foolish enough to give them a tip based on an amount that includes the Gift Cards. Who tips 10% to 20% on a $25 to $100 Gift Card purchase? Not me!

Discounted Gift Cards

Year-round, you can purchase your Gift Cards at a discount from several online vendors and physical Retailers! Why pay full price for a Gift Card if you don't have to? Here are some great places to purchase hard plastic or e-Gift cards. The great thing about this is that these cards are not just for restaurants, no, they are for almost anything you can think of: clothing, shoes, electronics, baby & kids, entertainment, beauty, home & garden, travel and many more. Some of them will also purchase your unwanted Gift Cards.

  • (Savings vary up to 30%)
  • (Savings vary up to 33%)
  • (Savings vary up to 33%)
  • Costco (they offer great savings on multiple card purchases, like 4 or more)
  • Sam's Club (they offer great savings on multiple card purchases, like 4 or more)
  • Target (5% Savings for RedCard Members) - including gift card purchases
  • Gift Card Granny (they offer you cash back on gift card purchases)
  • CrayPay (Avg 5% Savings - they offer you cash back on gift card purchases)

Printable & eCoupons

If you’re not using printable grocery coupons and/or e-coupons, you should be. This is yet another way to save tons of money every month! Many Restaurants even have frozen versions of their most favored dishes available at the grocery store, such as Marie Callenders, TGI Fridays, California Pizza Kitchen and many others. You can get all of your free printable grocery coupons right here in our Coupon Savings Center from places like Coupons.comCheckout 51, P&G, Ibotta and more.

Coupons in the Mail

These will automatically arrive weekly. They’re like bills, you don’t have to do or say anything, they just keep coming. The good thing about these restaurant coupons, fast food coupons and pizza coupons are that they provide a benefit and you don’t have to pay them!

TIP:  Can't find a coupon in this list. Don't fret. Simply use the Search Box below and type in the name of the Restaurant or Fast Food place plus add the word coupons behind it, then search for coupons or a coupon code.

Search the Internet:


These are the booklets that you’ll find when you’re out and about town. They’re all over the place: at the Dentist’s office, the Vet’s, your Doctor’s office, the Chinese Restaurant countertop, at the Grocery Store entrance, at Rest Stops, Tourists Centers and Visitor’s Centers. You get the point, they’re like spiders… if you’re out in public, you’re probably no more than 6 feet away from one! They’re free, so grab them, clip the local restaurant coupons and fast food coupons and use them.

Newspaper Reader Rewards Programs

If you subscribe to a newspaper, your Newspaper may offer you a Reader Rewards Program! It's worth a phone call for you to call and ask them if they do - trust me! Reader Rewards Programs are a program that you access online that offers printable coupons and Buy-One-Get-One-Free Coupons to local Restaurants, Fast Food Chains, Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream Shops, Donut Shops, Amusement and Entertainment Spots (like bowling, Putt Putt Golf, etc.), Hotels and Motels, etc.  You can save a boatload of money! The one in my area is called "The Ultimate Coupon Book." It's a great thing. For instance, now, every time that I go to Krispy Kreme, I print a BOGO coupon, and when I purchase 1 dozen donuts, I get 1 dozen Free!

Manager's Specials

Manager's Specials can be a real bargain. For example, at my local Chicken Chain, I recently called and asked for the Manager. I asked him if he was offering any Manager’s Specials on chicken. He said, yes, that he was offering 7 pieces of chicken for $7.00. This deal included any selection of chicken, wing, breast, leg, or thigh. I couldn’t believe it! I could get 7 breasts (of course I would choose the costliest piece of chicken) at $1.00 each. These breasts normally cost $2.49 each individually, and would have cost me $17.43 if I had to pay their regular price. Now, you don’t have to call in advance. Simply ask the Manager while standing in the Fast Food Restaurant/Restaurant, or ask the employee if he/she is knowledgeable. Why do they offer Manager’s Specials? Maybe they cooked too much chicken and needed to sell it before closing. Maybe the Manager was feeling generous that day. Maybe something God-awful had happened to those 7 particular pieces of chicken ☺. Frankly I don’t know. But man they tasted delicious and juicy. The long and the short is, if you didn't see it happen, it was a deal to you. I'm kidding, I'm kidding! My sense of humor came out to play. I hope you had a good laugh, because I certainly did. Seriously, though, ask about those Manager’s Specials!


Restaurants place discount coupons in Magazines to get your business as well. I recently used a “$10 off the purchase of two entrees” coupon that I clipped from the pages of a “Travel & Leisure” Magazine that I received. Keep your eyes open for these, tear out the page and clip the coupon later.

Front or Back of Receipts

When dining out at Fast Food Restaurants, be sure to check the front or back of your receipt, because some Restaurants will offer a discount toward a future purchase, or free food if you complete an online or phone survey. Subways, Arby’s, Panda Express and Chick-fil-A frequently offer this type of promotion for free sandwiches, cookies or other free items. In most cases, you will need to complete the survey within 2 to 7 days of your visit.

Points and Rewards Programs

Points and Rewards Programs like MyCokeRewards, RecycleBank and others offer dollar off and discount coupons to major chain Restaurants like Red Lobster, Olive Garden and others in exchange for some of your accumulated points. To sign up for these programs, visit our Points/Rewards Programs tab.

Coupons in Newspapers

Yet another reason to subscribe to your Sunday newspaper is that the Weekly Coupon Inserts often contain Fast Food Coupons and/or Restaurant Coupons. The weekday paper also contains many Fast Food coupons. You will recover the cost of the newspaper simply with the use of one or two of these coupons.

Download their App

Some Restaurants or Convenience Stores will give you free food or products if you download their app.  For instance, 7-Eleven gives away a free item each week if you download their app for IOS or Android on your phone and register.


On special occasions or during special promotions, many restaurants will announce free offers, or will provide coupons for a free product on their Facebook/Twitter pages. This is one of my least favorite methods, since no-one really has the time to keep up with multiple Restaurant’s Facebook pages. 

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