How to Get Coupons for Free Stuff
How to Get Coupons for Free Items

Below, I tell you how and where to get Coupons for Free Stuff, Coupons for Free Items, Products and Food directly from Manufacturers by mail! It's a matter of doing something that you may already do anyway... complain.  We've all seen those loud, obnoxious people in the stores that make an A** of themselves complaining at the top of their lungs!  I'm not talking about that type of complaining.  I'm talking about typing up a gentle email or letter to a company when something was wrong with a product that you received. Complimenting a product may also get you a free item. Read on...

How to Get Coupons for Free Stuff
How to Get Coupons for Free Items

Coupons For Free Stuff

Simply email or write to the manufacturer with your complaint or grievance regarding their product or the packaging.  Many times, it will result in your receiving a coupon(s) for free or discounted products.  For instance, I purchased a boxed taco dinner that included the taco shells, salsa and seasoning.  When I opened it, several of the shells were broken/cracked.  I logged onto my own website (hee-hee), looked up the manufacturer’s website, then emailed them.  I informed them about the broken shells and told them that they might want to consider better packaging for the shells.  They emailed me back, apologizing for the shells, and offered to send me a coupon for a free replacement taco dinner.  If you’re sincere and honest, manufacturer’s will go out of their way to make things right.  If possible, be certain to save the packaging for the product that you’re complaining about until you hear back from them, because sometimes they will ask for details off of the box or packaging.  

I'll give you another instance... I had purchased a mop with a sprayer bottle and the bottle stopped working within 4 weeks of purchase.  I logged on, found the manufacturer, emailed them and told them about my problem.  I simply expected a replacement bottle to be mailed to me, but what did I receive... a coupon for an entirely new mop system! Now that's customer service!

I implore you... be honest!  Do not take advantage of this and write to tons of manufacturers and lie about perfectly good items and tell them that something was wrong with their products.  If too many people start to do this, then it will ruin it for everyone.  Manufacturers will catch on that people are not being truthful to get free products and may stop sending out coupons for free stuff or coupons for free items.

Just to let you know, you can even write to them complimenting their product and telling them how much you, your kid, or your spouse love their product (be sure to mention a specific product).  Then ask if they can send you any coupons for free products or any discount coupons. More often than not, they will! Compliments will usually get you high value discount coupons, not "free" or "full replacement" coupons though, but sometimes you get lucky!  When complimenting manufacturers, you can write to as many manufacturers as you wish for coupons!  

As I mentioned above, to assist you with this, I've put together a listing of hundreds of manufacturers with direct links (to save you postage). You can also print manufacturers coupons directly from their websites!

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