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You can get Free Coupons by Mail no surveys and/or Printable Manufacturer Coupons direct from Food/Grocery and other Manufacturers. Here's how: Simply write to them via email, contact form, or postal mail complimenting their product and telling them how much you, your kid, your spouse, or anyone in your household loves their product (be sure to provide details regarding the product, such as: name, brand, product #, model #, or flavor). Then ask if they can send you any coupons for free products and/or any discount coupons. More often than not, they will! Usually they will either send one coupon for a free product, or they will send multiple high value discount coupons (such as $1.00 to $3.00 off). It's a great way to get high value free coupons by mail and the manufacturers love to hear the great feedback about their products.  

What are Manufacturer Coupons?
Manufacturer coupons are provided by the companies that manufacturer the food or product and are the most widely accepted coupons. They will usually say "Manufacturer" near the top. Check each individual stores' Coupon Policy to make certain that they accept coupons. 

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Manufacturer Coupons

How to request free coupons by mail:

  1. Look on the packaging of your favorite products to see who manufacturer's it/them.
  2. Come to this page and locate the manufacturer.
  3. Go to their "Contact Us" form or email.
  4. Type a brief compliment letter (copy the letter first), then send.
  5. Come back to this page and locate the next manufacturer.
  6. Go to their "Contact Us" form or email.
  7. Paste the compliment letter that you copied earlier and change the product information, then send.
  8. Repeat the process for your favorite products.
  9. Keep a log/list of the manufacturers that you contacted and the date that you emailed/contacted them, so that you don't re-send to the same manufacturer.

You'll find that you want to do about 5 at a time. Then you might come back another day and do another 5. It's pretty easy!

Also, many product and food manufacturer’s offer free printable manufacturer coupons right on their own websites. If you're interested, while you're on their sites, you can also access their Recipes, Contests and Sweepstakes!

I have gathered a listing of over 200 manufacturers that offer such promotions. Many of these sites offer coupons, recipes, contests, mail-in rebates and other promotions. You can even subscribe to their newsletters or like them on Facebook and they'll periodically email you free coupons.

Don't forget that you can print Free Coupons here everyday! Start with the largest online source for free coupons,, then continue to SmartSourceRedPlumP&G, etc. You should also check out my pages Coupons for Free Stuff! and Baby Coupons with a list of Baby Food, Diaper and other products!

I’ll be adding new manufacturer’s as I find them.

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Free Coupons by Mail
Free Manufacturer Coupons
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Quick Access to Manufacturers  # - F

G - M

N - S

T - Z


Nabisco World

Nair Hair Remover

Natural Dentist, The

Nature Made Vitamins

Nature’s Bounty

Nature’s Recipe (Big Heart Pet Brands)


Nescafe’ Taster’s Choice


Nestle’ Family



Northland Juices

NOW Foods

Nu Finish



Ocean Spray

Off! (SC Johnson Brands)

Oikos (Dannon)


Opti-Free (Alcon)


Organic Valley

Orville Redenbacher’s (Conagra Brands)

Oscar Mayer (Kraft Foods)

Osteo Bi-Flex


Palmolive (Colgate-Palmolive)

PAM (Conagra)




Perdue (They only offer Chat and Phone No.)

Peter Pan


P&G Brands


Pillsbury (General Mills)



Pompeian Olive Oil

Pounce Cat (Big Heart Pet Brands)


Prime Time Premium Popcorn


Pup-Peroni (Big Heart Pet Brands)


Purina One


Quaker Oats

Quilted Northern



Raid (SC Johnson)




Reese’s (Hershey)



Reser's Fine Foods





S&W Fine Foods

Sara Lee Bread

Sara Lee Desserts

Sargento Cheese (Per FAQ: They do not mail coupons on request)

SC Johnson



Scrubbing Bubbles (SC Johnson)

Seattle's Best Coffee (Contact Info is at bottom of site)


Seventh Generation

Shout (SC Johnson)


Slim Jim (Conagra)


Snack Pack (Conagra)

Snapple (Dr Pepper Snapple Group)

Snausages (Big Heart Pet Brands)


Soft Scrub (Henkel)

Sonicare Philips Norelco


State Fair

Stonyfield Organic


Swiss Miss (Conagra)


Quick Access to Manufacturers  # - F

G - M

N - S

T - Z

Manufacturer Coupons
Manufacturer Coupons
Manufacturer Coupons

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