Sunday Coupon Preview 3-10-19
Sunday Coupon Insert Preview 3/10/19

The Sunday Coupon Preview 3-10-19 (also called a Sunday Coupon Insert Preview 3/10/19) is used to see which coupon inserts from SmartSource, RetailMeNot Everyday (formerly RedPlum) and/or P&G - Proctor & Gamble to expect in your 3/10 Sunday Paper Coupons. The number of Coupon Inserts in each Sunday Paper will vary by Region, and the number of coupons that are provided in each Coupon Insert may also vary by Region. This list is not an exact list of what you will receive, and is intended as a guide. We cannot make any guarantees as to which inserts or coupons will be in your particular 3/10 Sunday Paper. Thanks so much to Grocery Coupons Guide for the insert previews.

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Sunday Coupon Preview

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Sunday Coupon Preview 3-10-19
Sunday Coupon Insert Preview 3/10/19

  • Alaway $2/1 anti-histamine eye drops (5/10)
  • Alaway $5/2 packs or 1 twin pack of anti-histamine eye drops (5/10)
  • Allegra $4/1 allergy 24 hour 24ct or larger (3/23)
  • Allegra D $4/1 allergy and congestion (3/23)
  • Allegra $4/1 Children's allergy product (3/23)
  • Aquaphor $3/1 body product 1.75oz or larger ets, baby and lip products (3/23)
  • Aquaphor $2/1 Baby product ETS (3/23)
  • Aquaphor $1/1 Lip Product (3/23)
  • Australian Gold $2/1 Classic Suncare Product 3oz or larger excl lip balm (4/30)
  • Australian Gold $4/1 Botanical Suncare Product 3oz or larger excl lip balm (4/30)
  • Bausch & Lomb $5/1 Occuvite Product (4/27)
  • Biotrue $6/1 multi-purpose solution 10oz twin pack (4/13)
  • Biotrue $3/1 Multi-purpose 10oz (4/13)
  • Clairol $5/2 Nice n Easy, Permanent Root Touch-up or Natural Instincts Hair Color excl Crema Keratina Hair Color (3/23)
  • Clairol $2/1 Nice n Easy, Permanent Root Touch-up or Natural Instincts Hair Color excl Crema Keratina Hair Color (3/23)
  • Clairol $2/1 Temporary Root touch up, concealing powder or root touch up color blending gel (3/23)
  • Clairol $6/2 Color Crave or Specialty Blonding Collection (3/23)
  • Colgate $1/1 Total, Optic White, Enamel Health, Essentials or Sensitive Toothpaste 3 oz or larger (3/23)
  • Colgate $1/1 mouthwash or mouth rinse 200ml or larger (3/23)
  • Cottonelle $0.50 off any 6 or more rolls toilet paper (4/7)
  • Cottonelle $0.50/1 flushable wipes 42ct or higher (4/7)
  • Eucerin $3/1 Advanced Repair Lotion 16oz or original healing soothing repair cream 16oz excl ets and any other Eucerin products (3/23)
  • Eucerin $3/1 Body lotion or cream product 8oz or larger or Eucerin Baby Product ets (3/23)
  • Eucerin $1/1 Body lotion product sizes 2-6.8oz ets and baby products (3/23)
  • Hormel $0.50/1 Natural Choice Snack Product (5/6)
  • Hormel $0.50/1 Natural Choice Deli Meat 4oz or larger (5/6)
  • Huggies $1.50/1 diapers not valid on 9 ct or less (4/7)
  • Huggies $1.50/1 pull up training pants not valid on 6ct or less (4/7)
  • Huggies $1/2 Wipes 48 ct or higher (4/7)
  • Irish Spring $1/1 Body Wash exc. 2.5oz body wash trial size and pump ETS (3/23)
  • Irish Spring $1/1 Multi bar soap pack 6 pack or larger (3/23)
  • Java House B1G1 Free Dual Use Liquid Coffee Pods 6 or 12 ct (5/10)
  • Kleenex $0.50/3 boxes/packs facial tissue 30ct or higher or 1 package of wet wipes (4/7)
  • Lysol $0.50/1 Disinfecting Spray or Max Cover Mist (5/21)
  • Lysol $0.50/1 Disinfecting Wipes (5/21)
  • Lysol $1/1 Laundry Sanitizer (5/21)
  • Lysol $0.50/1 Kitchen Pro Antibacterial Cleaner or Kitchen Pro Antibacterial Wipes (5/21)
  • Lysol $0.50/1 All-Purpose Cleaner or Power Bathroom Cleaner (5/21)
  • Lysol $0.50/1 Toilet Bowl Cln Product (5/21)
  • Mitchum $1/1 Antiperspirant and Deodorant ets and twin packs (4/6)
  • Mitchum $2/1 Curve Antiperspirant and Deodorant (4/6)
  • Natrol $2/1 product (5/11)
  • Natrol $5/1 Cognium (5/11)
  • Nivea $1.50/1 Body lotion, in-shower body lotion or cream products ets (3/23)
  • Nivea $4/2 Body lotion, in-shower body lotion or cream products ets (3/23)
  • Opcon-A $1/1 pack of allergy eye drops 15ml (5/10)
  • Renu $6/1 twin pack (4/27)
  • Renu $3/1 12oz or larger (4/27)
  • Schick $3/1 disposable razor pack or skintimate disposable razor pack excl 1ct, slim twin 2 ct and 6ct (3/30)
  • Schick $1/1 Hydro, Edge or Skintimate shave gel or cream excl 2oz and 2.75oz (3/30)
  • Scott $0.50 off 4 or more rolls of bath tissue (4/7)
  • Scott $0.50 off 6 or more rolls of towels (4/7)
  • Soothe $4/1 Product (5/10)
  • Splenda B1G1 Naturals Stevia Product (6/30)
  • Thinkthin $1/2 Protein Bards (4/30)
  • Thinkthin $1.50/1 Protein Bar Multipack (4/30)
  • Thinkthin $0.75/1 Oatmeal cup or box (4/30)
  • Viva $0.50/1 pop ups (4/7)
  • Viva $0.50/1 6 pack or larger paper towels (4/7)
  • Wet n Wild $2/2 Face and Skin Care Products (3/10-3/24)
  • Wet n Wild $1/2 Eye Products (3/10 – 3/24)

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As stated above, the number of Coupon Inserts varies by Region

(formerly RedPlum)
Sunday Coupon Preview 3-10-19
Sunday Coupon Insert Preview 3/10/19

  • Aussie $2/2 Aussie Shampoo, Conditioner OR Styling Products ETS (3/23)
  • Benefiber $2/1 any product (4/6)
  • Blink $3/1 Tears or Blink Geltears Lubricating eye drops OR Blink Tears Preservative Free Lubricating Eye Drops (4/15)
  • Blink $3/1 Contacts Lubricating Eye Drops or Blink-N-Clean Lens Drops (4/15)
  • Blink $3/1 RevitaLens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution (4/15)
  • Blink $5/1 RevitaLens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution or one (1) 24oz Blink RevitaLens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution (4/15)
  • Castello $2/1 Specialty Cheese Item (4/30)
  • Cervae $1/1 product (exc. cleanser bar, body wash and 35oz healing ointment) ETS (3/30)
  • Cervae $3/1 Skin Renewing Product (3/30)
  • Cervae $3/1 Healing Ointment (exc. 35oz) (3/30)
  • Cervae $4/1 Baby Product (3/30)
  • Citrucel $2/1 any product (4/6)
  • Dimetapp $2/1 (3/24)
  • Ex-Lax $1/1 or Perdiem product (3/31)
  • Gain $1/1 Powder, Liquid Detergent or Flings (includes Gain Botanicals) (exc. Fireworks, Gain Flings 9ct and below) ETS (3/23)
  • Gain $1/1 Liquid Fabric Enhancer 48 Id or higher, Gain Dryer She 105ct+ OR Gain Fireworks 5.7 oz+ (includes Gain Botanicals) ETS (3/23)
  • Gaviscon $1/1 12fl oz or larger (4/9)
  • Gas-x $1/1 18ct or larger (3/31)
  • Herbal Essences $2/2 Shampoo, Conditioner OR Styling Products ETS (3/23)
  • Jimmy Dean $1.50/1 Pancakes & Sausage 12ct item (4/7)
  • No7 $3/1 Face Cosmetic Product (exc. clearance products) ETS (5/31)
  • No7 $2/1 Eye or Lip Cosmetic Product (exc. clearance products) ETS (5/31)
  • Paradontax $1.50/1 (4/9)
  • Pronamel $1.50/1 Intensive Enamel Repair Toothpaste (4/9)
  • Rachel Ray $2/1 Nutrish Dog or Cat Food Bags 3lb+ (3/31)
  • Robitussin $2/1 Adult product (3/24)
  • Sensodyne $1/1 Pronamel Toothpaste (4/9)
  • Tide $1/1 Simply Laundry Liquid Detergent 34oz or smaller Or Tide Simply Pods 13ct or smaller or 1 Tide Simply Liquid Laundry Detergent 50oz or larger or Tide Simply PODS 20ct or larger (exc. Tide Detergent and Tide PODS) DND ETS (3/23)
  • Tums $1.50/1 sugar-free, tums chewy bites or Tums Chewy Bites with Gas Relief (28ct+) (4/9)
  • Tums $1.50/2 products 28ct+ (4/9)

Visit weekly for the Sunday Coupon Preview
As stated above, the number of Coupon Inserts varies by Region

Sunday Coupon Preview 3-10-19
Sunday Coupon Insert Preview 3/10/19

Not expecting any P&G inserts in this week's paper, but if they surprise us, I will post it here. As always, you can print free P&G coupons anytime from the links above.

Visit weekly for the Sunday Coupon Preview
As stated above, the number of Coupon Inserts varies by Region

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