Sunday Coupon Preview 1-8-23
Sunday Coupon Insert Preview 1/8/23

The Sunday Coupon Preview 1-8-23 (also called the January 8, 2023 Sunday Coupon Insert Preview 1/8/23 is used to see which coupon inserts from SmartSource, Save and occasionally Unilever to expect in your 1/08 Sunday Paper Coupons. The number of Coupon Inserts in each Sunday Paper will vary by Region, and the number of coupons that are provided in each Coupon Insert may also vary by Region. This list is not an exact list of what you will receive, and is intended as a guide. We cannot make any guarantees as to which inserts or coupons will be in your particular January 8th Sunday Paper. Thanks to for the previews!

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Sunday Coupon Preview

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Expiration dates are shown at the end of listings in parenthesis ().
ETS  = Excludes Trial Size  |  DND = Do Not Double | Full List of Coupon Abbreviations

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Sunday Coupon Preview 1-8-23
Sunday Coupon Insert Preview 1


  • Act Product (ETS) $1.25/1 (2/4)
  • Act Products (ETS) $2/2 (2/4)
  • Airborne Product (exc. Airborne 1ct Shot) $3/1 (1/22)
  • Alexia Frozen Potatoes Bag $1.25/1 (2/19)
  • Allegra Allergy 24HR Tablets 70ct or 90ct or Gelcaps 60ct $10/1 (1/14)
  • Allegra-D 12HR or 24HR Product $8/1 (1/14)
  • Aspercreme Arthritis Product $3/1 (1/21)
  • Aspercreme Product (exc. 1.25oz Cream, 1ct Patch and ETS) $2/1 (1/21)
  • Atkins Frozen Entrees $1/2 (3/31)
  • Atkins Bar, Shake, Treat or Cookie Multipack or Protein Chips Single Bag $1/1 (3/31)
  • Breathe Right Product $1.75/1 (3/5)
  • Breathe Right Products $4/2 (3/5)
  • Capzasin Product $2/1 (1/21)
  • Colgate Toothpastes 2.1oz+ (exc. Cavity Protection, Baking Soda & Peroxide, Sparkling White, Triple Action, 2-in-1 Icy Blast, Whitening 4.6oz, Ultra, Kids & Bonus Packs) $2/2 (1/28)
  • Cottonelle Toilet Paper Mega Roll Pack 4pk+ $1/1 (2/5)
  • CoverGirl Skincare $3/1 (1/21)
  • CoverGirl Eye Liner $3/1 (1/21)
  • CoverGirl Eye Product $3/1 (1/21)
  • CoverGirl Face Product $3/1 (1/21)
  • Curel Skincare Product (ETS) $2/1 (2/5)
  • Digestive Advantage Product $5/1 (1/22)
  • Dulcolax Product (exc. 10ct or less Stimulants and Stool Softeners) $1.50/1 (2/5)
  • Dulcolax Product 30ct+ (exc. Bonus Packs, 10ct or less Stimulants and Stool Softeners) $3/1 (2/5)
  • Ensure Max Protein or Ensure Complete Multipack $3.50/1 (2/18)
  • Ensure Multipacks $7/2 (2/18)
  • Glucerna Product $3.50/1 (2/18)
  • Icy Hot Product (exc. 1.25oz Cream, 1ct Patch and ETS) $2/1 (1/21)
  • Irwin Naturals Product $3/1 (4/30)
  • Jergens Skincare Product (ETS) $2/1 (2/5)
  • MegaRed Base Krill Product $7/1 (1/22)
  • Move Free Advanced or Move Free Ultra Product $10/1 (1/22)
  • Nasacort Allergy Product 0.57oz 120 sprays or Nasacort Allergy 2pk 120 sprays or Nasacort Club Pack $10/1 (1/21)
  • Neuriva Brain Health Product $6/1 (1/22)
  • Neuriva Sleep and Neuriva Relax & Sleep Product $5/1 (1/22)
  • Refresh Product Packages $8/2 (3/4)
  • Refresh Product $5/1 (3/4)
  • Rolaids Bottle $2/1 (1/22)
  • Unisom Product 15ct+ (exc. 8ct and ETS) $2/1 (1/21)
  • Xyzal Allergy 24HR 80ct $10/1 (1/21)
  • Zantac 360 Product $1/1 (1/28)
  • Zantac 360 Products 50ct+ $5/1 (1/28)

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As stated above, the number of Coupon Inserts varies by Region

Printable Coupons are mostly for Non-Food Items Now

The overwhelming majority of Printable Coupons are now for Non-Food Items (Cleaning Supplies, OTC Vitamins/Meds/Creams, Hair Care, Bodily Care & Dental Care Products, Paper Products, etc.).

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Sunday Coupon Preview 1-8-23
Sunday Coupon Insert Preview 1


  • We do not expect any SAVE inserts in this weeks paper.

Visit weekly for the Sunday Coupon Preview
As stated above, the number of Coupon Inserts varies by Region

Sunday Coupon Preview 1-8-23
Sunday Coupon Insert Preview 1


  • AXE Stick Deodorants, Body Sprays, Body Wash or Hair Products (exc. Twin Packs and ETS) $4/2 (1/21)
  • Dove Advanced Care, Zero, Even Tone, Teen Antiperspirant or Deodorant Stick Product (exc. Dry Sprays, 0% Aluminum Deodorant Sprays, Dove Men+Care, Twin Packs and ETS) $2/1 (1/21)
  • Dove Hair Products (exc. Dove Men+Care and ETS) $4/2 (1/21)
  • Dove Hand Sanitizing Gel or Liquid Hand Wash $1/1 (1/21)
  • Dove Men+Care Products (exc. Dry Sprays, Twin Packs and ETS) $4/2 (1/21)
  • Dove, Dove Men+Care, Degree, Degree Men or Suave Dry Spray Antiperspirants or Schmidt’s Deodorant Spray Products (ETS) $4/2 (1/21)
  • Hellmann’s Product 9oz+ .25/1 (1/21)
  • SheaMoisture Products (exc. Bar Soap, Lip Balms, Single Use Packettes, Sheet Masks and ETS) $6/2 (1/21)
  • SmartyPants Vitamins $3/1 (3/5)
  • Suave Pink or Natural Hair Product (exc. Suave Essentials, Twin Packs and ETS) $1.50/1 (1/21)
  • Suave Professional Green or Gold Shampoo or Conditioner Product (exc. Suave Essentials, Twin Packs and ETS) $1/1 (1/21)
  • Suave Kids Hair Care Product (exc. Twin Packs and ETS) $1/1 (1/21)
  • Suave Men Hair Care Product (exc. 40oz Product, Twin Packs and ETS) $1/1 (1/21)
  • TRESemme Effortless Waves and Botanique Nourish Collections Products Shampoo and Conditioner (ETS) $5/2 (1/21)
  • Vaseline Lotion Product 6.8oz+ (ETS) $2/1 (1/21)

Visit weekly for the Sunday Coupon Preview
As stated above, the number of Coupon Inserts varies by Region



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