9-18-16 Sunday Coupon Preview
Sunday Coupon Inserts Preview

The 9-18-16 Sunday Coupon Preview is provided so that you can see the contents of upcoming Sunday Coupon Inserts and know what coupons will be in them. This will help you to determine how many Sunday newspapers to purchase and allow you can pre-plan your weekly grocery trips. If you don't see many good coupons, or coupons for products that you would purchase, then there's no need to purchase a lot of newspapers. The coupons that are provided in each Sunday Coupon Insert may vary by region, so there may be a few more or a few less coupons in your insert than in another region 

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9-18-16 Sunday Coupon Preview

  • Atkins $1/1 bar, treat or shake (11/30)
  • Atkins $1/1 frozen meal (11/30)
  • Belvita $1/2 breakfast biscuits boxes 8.8oz+ (10/29)
  • Capri Sun $1/3 10ct package (10/29)
  • Cheerios $.75/2 cereals (10/29)
  • Classico $1.50/1 riserva dnd (10/30)
  • Classico $1/2 white sauces dnd (10/30)
  • Colgate $3/1 adult or kid’s battery powered toothbrush (10/8)
  • Dr. Scholl’s $2/1 dreamwalk product (10/15)
  • Dr. Scholl’s $2/1 insole $7.95+ (10/15)
  • Dr. Scholl’s $5/1 dreamwalk insole $7.95+ (10/15)
  • Duncan Hines $1/2 perfect size or decadent cake mixes dnd (11/30)
  • Frigo $1/1 cheese heads cheese & meat kits 8ct+ (10/31)
  • GE $1/1 lighting product except reveal (11/16)
  • GE $2/1 reveal lighting product (11/16)
  • Go Organically $1/1 8ct fruit snacks box (11/12)
  • Gray Away $1/1 product (10/9)
  • Irish Spring $.50/1 multi-bar soap packs 6pk+ (10/8)
  • Irish Spring $1/1 body wash excludes 2.5oz trial (10/8)
  • Palmolive $.25/1 dish liquid 10oz+ (10/8)
  • Palmolive $.50/1 dish liquid 22oz+ (10/8)
  • Pantene $1.50/1 styler or treatment product ets (10/1)
  • Pantene $4/2 products excludes 6.7oz and trial (10/1)
  • PeroxiClear $3/1 12oz+ (11/30)
  • Pillsbury $1/3 refrigerated baked goods products (12/10)
  • Premier Protein $1/2 30g or fiber bars (12/18)
  • Premier Protein $3/1 shake 4pk (12/18)
  • Purina $2/1 wet dog or cat food variety pack excludes beneful and friskies (10/8) TARGET COUPON
  • Purina $2/2+ beneful dog snacks (10/8) TARGET COUPON
  • Purina $3/1 beneful dry dog food 6.3lb+ (10/8) TARGET COUPON
  • Schick $3/1 disposable razor pack excludes 2ct and 10+2ct (10/9)
  • Softsoap $.50/1 liquid hand soap premium pump 8-10oz or refill 28oz+ (10/8)
  • Softsoap $.75/1 body wash 15oz+ (10/8)
  • Speed Stick $1/1 men’s or lady antiperspirant/deodorant twin pack (10/8)
  • Speed Stick Lady $.50/1 antiperspirant/deodorant 2.3oz+ (10/8)
  • Speed Stick Men’s $.50/1 antiperspirant/deodorant 2.7oz+ (10/8)
  • Starbucks $1.50/1 k-cup pods 6ct+ (3/31/17)
  • Target $5 giftcard with $15+ hair care purchase of select brands; axe, clear, dove, dove men+care, nexus, suave, toni&guy, tresemme or tigi ets (9/24)
  • Tazo $1.50/1 chai latte k-cup pods 6ct+ (12/31)
  • Theraflu $1/1 severe cold product (10/15)
  • Theraflu $2/1 severe cold product (9/24)
  • Tillamook $1/1 56oz ice cream, 15.5oz extra creamy ice cream, frozen custard or farmstyle gelato (11/13)
  • Tillamook $1/1 cheese slices 7oz+ (11/13)
  • Tombstone $1/1 roadhouse pizza (10/31)
  • Tombstone $1/2 pizzas (10/31)
  • Triaminic $1/1 product (10/15)
  • Weber $.75/1 bbq sauce, seasoning or rub or 2 marinades dnd (11/6)
  • Werther’s Original $1/2 caramels (11/30)

9-18-16 Sunday Coupon Preview

Not expecting any RedPlum inserts this week, but you can print free RedPlum coupons above.

Proctor & Gamble
9-18-16 Sunday Coupon Preview

Not expecting any P&G inserts this week, but you can print free P&G coupons above.

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