1-22-17 Sunday Coupon Preview
Sunday Coupon Inserts Preview

The 01-22-17 Sunday Coupon Preview is provided so that you can see the contents of upcoming Sunday Coupon Inserts and know what coupons will be in them. This will help you to determine how many Sunday newspapers to purchase and allow you to pre-plan your weekly grocery trips. If you don't see many good coupons, or coupons for products that you would purchase, then there's no need to purchase a lot of newspapers. The coupons that are provided in each Sunday Coupon Insert may vary by region, so there may be a few more or a few less coupons in your insert than in another region.

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Expiration dates are shown at the end of listings in parenthesis ().
ets  = Excludes Trial Size  |  dnd = Do Not Double | Full List of Coupon Abbreviations
The number of Coupon Inserts in each Sunday Paper varies by Region. Also, the number of coupons in each Insert may differ, and some redemption values may vary by Region/Locale. This list is not an exact list of what you will receive, and is intended simply as a guide. We cannot make any guarantees as to which inserts or coupons will be in your particular Sunday Paper.

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01-22-17 Sunday Coupon Preview

  • Alka-Seltzer $1/1 product 12ct+ (2/19)
  • Alka-Seltzer $2/1 heartburn relief gummies or heartburn reliefchews product 32ct+ (2/19)
  • Balmex $2/1 diaper rash cream (3/31)
  • Blink $3/1 lid wipes (3/5)
  • Blink $3/1 tears, tears preservative free, geltears drops, -n-clean drops or contacts drops (3/5)
  • Blink/Complete $3/1 10oz blink revitalens solution or 12oz+ complete solution (3/5)
  • Blink/Complete $5/1 20oz blink revitalens solution or 24oz complete solution (3/5)
  • Blue Diamond $1/1 64oz shelf stable almond breeze (3/26)
  • Blue Diamond $1/2 32oz+ shelf stable almond breeze (3/26)
  • Cascadian Farm $1/2 granola bars, protein bars or soft-baked oatmeal squares (3/18)
  • Cheerios $.75/2 boxes (3/4)
  • Colace $2/1 capsules, clear soft gels or peri tablets (3/31)
  • Crunchmaster $1.50/2 products (4/22)
  • Dole $1/1 mixations (3/19)
  • Eucerin $1.50/1 baby product 2-13.5oz (2/4)
  • Eucerin $1.50/1 body lotion or crème product 2-16.9oz ets (2/4)
  • Farm Rich $1/1 item 9.5oz+ (3/2) (2 coupons)
  • Farmer John $1/1 california natural fresh pork product (3/22)
  • Farmer John $1/1 ground pork product (3/22)
  • InnovAsian Cuisine $1.50/1 item (3/10)
  • InnovAsian Cuisine $2.50/2 items (3/10)
  • Kikkoman $.55/1 product 10oz+ (3/31)
  • Land O’Frost $.75/1 premium, bistro favorites or Canadian bacon (2/19)
  • Land O’Frost $1/1 sub sandwich kit (2/19)
  • Lemon Grass Kitchen $2.50/1 entrée (3/10)
  • Lorissa’s Kitchen $1/1 2.25oz premium protein snacks package (4/16)
  • Maruchan $1/3 bowls (3/31)
  • Maruchan $1/3 yakisoba products (3/31)
  • McCafe $1/1 coffee product (3/5)
  • Minute Rice $.50/1 product (3/18)
  • Mucinex $2/1 fast-max product (3/5)
  • Mucinex $2/1 product (3/5)
  • Nivea $1.50/1 body lotion, crème or oil product 2.6-21oz ets (2/4)
  • Nivea $3/2 lip care products .17oz stick, .59oz tin (2/4)
  • Nivea $4/2 body lotion, crème or oil products 2.6-21oz ets (2/4)
  • Nonni’s $1/1 biscotti (3/22)
  • Nonni’s $1/1 thinaddictives (3/22)
  • Pilot $1.50/1 5pk+ frixion colorsticks or colors marker pens (4/15)
  • Pilot $1/1 2pk+ frixion clicker pens (4/15)
  • Pilot $1/1 4pk+ g2 gel ink pens (4/15)
  • Revlon $1/2 hair color (2/15)
  • Revlon B1G1 free eye cosmetic item (2/5)
  • Snack Factory $1/1 pretzel crisps 5oz (3/31)
  • Sunsweet $1/1 fruit & nut clusters product dnd (4/30)
  • Ultimate Flora $3/1 probiotic 30ct+ (2/18)
  • Vlasic $1/2 pickles, peppers or relish (3/16)
  • Wonderful Pistachios $.50/1 product 5-8oz (3/22)
  • Wonderful Pistachios $1/1 16oz+ (3/22)

01-22-17 Sunday Coupon Preview

  • Abreva $3/1 product 2g pump or tube (4/22)
  • Arnicare $3/1 gel 2.6oz, cream 2.5oz or arthritis tablets (3/31)
  • Beech-Nut $.75/2 organic coldpuree pouches (3/5)
  • Beech-Nut $1/5 naturals or organic jars (3/5)
  • FDgard $5/1 8ct or 24ct (1/20)
  • Konsyl $2/1 fiber (4/30)
  • Konsyl $6/2 fibers (4/30)
  • L’Oreal $2/1 superior preference or excellence haircolor product (2/18)
  • L’Oreal $6/2 superior preference or excellence haircolor products (2/4)
  • L’Oreal Paris $1/1 eye shadow or eye liner (2/18)
  • L’Oreal Paris $1/1 hair expert shampoo, conditioner, treatment or advanced hairstyle products excluding 3oz trial size (2/4)
  • L’Oreal Paris $1/1 lip product excluding infallible lipcolor (2/18)
  • L’Oreal Paris $1/1 micellar cleansing water (2/18)
  • L’Oreal Paris $2/1 hydra genius product ets (2/18)
  • L’Oreal Paris $2/1 infallible lip product (2/18)
  • L’Oreal Paris $2/1 skincare product excluding hydra genius, micellar cleansing water and trial (2/18)
  • L’Oreal Paris $3/1 cosmetic face product excluding magic perfecting base .17floz mini size (2/18)
  • L’Oreal Paris $3/1 voluminous feline mascara (2/18)
  • L’Oreal Paris $3/2 hair expert shampoo, conditioner, treatment or advanced hairstyle products excluding 3oz trial size (2/4)
  • L’Oreal Paris $5/3 hair expert shampoo, conditioner, treatment or advanced hairstyle products excluding 3oz trial size (2/4)
  • Mars $1/2 valentine’s products 3oz+ dnd (2/14)
  • McCormick $.50/2 dry seasoning mixes (2/26)
  • Persil ProClean $1/1 laundry detergent ets (2/19)
  • Persil ProClean $2/1 75oz+ power-liquid, 3lbs11oz power-pearls or 38ct+ power caps (2/19)
  • Quilted Northern $.25/1 ultra plush bath tissue 6+ double roll (2/20)
  • Quilted Northern $.50/1 ultra soft & strong bath tissue 6+ double roll (2/20)
  • Right Guard $2/1 xtreme precision dry spray excluding sport (2/5)
  • Right Guard B1G1 free xtreme antiperspirant deodorant products excluding sport (2/5)
  • Right Guard/Dry Idea B1G1 free right guard body wash or dry idea antiperspirant deodorant products (2/5)
  • Sarna $2/1 anti-itch lotion (4/15)
  • SheaMoisture $1/1 bar soap excluding African black soap (4/30)
  • SheaMoisture $2/1 bath, body or baby care product excluding hand and body lotion, single use packets and travel size (4/30)
  • SheaMoisture $2/1 hair care product excluding single use and travel(4/30)
  • Superpretzel $1/1 product (3/22)
  • Wisk $1/1 item (2/19)

Proctor & Gamble
01-22-17 Sunday Coupon Preview

No P&G inserts this week, but you can print free P&G coupons at the links above!

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