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There’s a best month to buy or best time to buy almost everything in order to purchase it at its lowest price. I have compiled these listings to assist you in knowing the best time to buy, sales cycles and seasons to achieve your greatest discounts and savings. There is a best month to buy a tv, a best month to buy a car, a best month to buy a mattress, and almost everything! I will be adding to and updating these listings periodically, so reference it often, and check back often.

Also, be certain to check our Best Time to Buy/Best Month to Buy listings for Fruits, Vegetables, and other Food.

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Best Month to Buy | Best Time to Buy


Best Time to Buy TVs

• Air Conditioners
• Appliance - large
• Bedding
• Bicycles
• Boats
• Books (Diet Cookbooks, Budget/Finance
• Calendars
• Cameras (digital) 
• Carpet and Flooring
• Christmas-clearance
• Cold & Flu products
• Computers
• Electronics
• Exercise, Sports and Weight Loss Equipment
• Exercise Videos
• Furniture
• Gym Memberships
• Holiday Decorations
• Jewelry
• Labels/Labelmakers
• Linens (bed and bath)
• Motorcycles
• MP3 Players
• New Year's Party Supplies - Clearance
• Outdoor Gear (Camping, Hunting, Fishing...)
• Plastic Tubs/Containers
• Prom Dress
• Real Estate/House
• RVs
• Scales (Weight)
• Shelving
• Smoking Cessation Products
• Suits
• Televisions/TV (because of the Super Bowl)
• Video Games
• Weddings
• Winter Apparel and Accessories
• Winter Coats


• Air Conditioners
• Boats
• Bicycles
• Cameras (digital) 
• Candles
• Computers
• Electronics
• Flowers
• Furniture (Presidents' Day Sales)
• Home Theaters
• Humidifiers
• Mattresses (Presidents' Day Sales)
• Perfumes/Fragrances
• Prom Dress
• Real Estate/House
• RVs
• Stuffed Animals
• Tax Software
• Video Games
• Weddings
• Winter Coats


• Boats
• China & Flatware
• Clothing
• Boats
• Easter Decorations, Baskets, Dyeing Kits, Dresses
• Garden Supplies
• Luggage
• Perfume/Fragrances
• Skis & Sledding Equipment
• Snowblowers, Shovels
• Sports Equipment
• Spring Clothing
• St. Patrick's Day Decorations
• Video Games
• Winter Apparel & Boots

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• Cameras (Digital)
• Car Parts & Accessories
• Clothing (Warm Weather)
• Computer (Notebooks)
• Cookware, Kitchenware, Flatware
• Cruises
• Electronics
• Garage Sales
• Gym Membership
• Jewelry
• Office Furniture
• Skis
• Sneakers
• Snow Blowers
• Televisions
• Thrift Stores
• Tires
• Vacuum Cleaners


• Athletic Apparel
• Cookware, Kitchenware, Utensils
• Mattresses (Memorial Day weekend)
• Outdoor Furniture
• Picnic Supplies
• Refrigerators
• Vacuum Cleaner


• Gym Membership
• Lingerie
• Paint
• Refrigerators
• Summer wear
• Swimwear
• Tools

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