Coupon Clipping Service
Coupon Clippers

Coupon Clipping Services are a wonderful option for those that; (1) don't have time to clip coupons themselves; (2) cannot locate free coupons or coupon inserts; (3) do not wish to purchase multiple newspapers; and (4) need/want multiples of particular coupons. These coupon clippers do all of the clip work for you and mail you pre-clipped, ready to use coupons.  Now, if you've taken the How to Coupon course on this site, you will know that it is illegal to sell coupons.  So you must be wondering how they can sell you coupons? Coupon Clipping Services are able to operate within the law, because they do not charge you for the coupons themselves, but instead charge you a small handling fee for their time to clip the coupons for you, so you can feel comfortable purchasing from these services.  

If you're worried about receiving your coupons after all of the couponers have cleared the shelves for a certain item, remember to request a Raincheck at the store for any items that are out-of-stock.

I've provided several of the best clipping services.  This way you can compare pricing and shipping options, and if one service does not have the coupons you seek, another will!

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Coupon Clipping Services

Coupon Clipping Service
Coupon Clippers


Klip2save is another great Clipping Service. They scan each coupon that is available and actually show you a photo of the coupons themselves. This means that you can enlarge the actual coupon to read the details. They also have same day shipping from their Nashville, TN location for orders received before 2pm CT Monday thru Saturday. Their prices also start at .08 cents per coupon and go up from there.  Like other clippers, their coupons are priced based on the redemption value of the coupon.  You can locate the coupons that you are looking for by Category/Aisle of the Grocery Store, by Source (i.e., RedPlum, SmartSource or P&G), or by Week (which Sunday the coupon was in the paper); or you can simply type the name of the product in the Search Box. P&G and Redplum coupons are usually available the Wednesday BEFORE the Sunday that they come out in the paper; and SmartSource coupons are usually available to order on Saturday, the day before they come out in the paper!

They charge a flat rate of $1.00 per order for shipping via USPS 1st class Mail, so you can order 1 or 1000 and you will still pay the same shipping rate.

Register and/or Order from Klip2save here

The Coupon Clippers

The Coupon Clippers

The Coupon Clippers is one of the largest and most trusted clipping services available.  They sell individual coupons and entire coupon inserts pages. Their price per coupon starts at around .08 cents each and goes up from there.  The larger the coupon redemption value, the higher the price for the coupon.  For instance, a coupon that will save you .50 cents, might cost you .08 cents; where-as a coupon that will save you $3.00, might cost .30 cents or more.  You can locate the coupons that you are looking for by Category/Aisle of the Grocery Store, or you can simply type the name of the product in the Search Box.  They have a minimum order of $3.00 before shipping/admin, and charge a .50 Admin Fee per order. Shipping starts at .49 cents for Standard USPS Mail and increases depending on the quantity ordered, $5.60 for Priority Mail and $19.95 for Express Mail.

Register and/or Order from The Coupon Clippers here

Coupon Dede

Coupon Dede is slightly different than the other clipping services, in that you earn MyReward Points with every purchase.  The accumulated points can be redeemed for store credit and used toward future orders. They attempt to ship orders the same day. They offer individual coupons for... Coupon Dede charges you the actual shipping cost, plus a .50 cent Administrative Fee per order. They offer shipping via 1st Class Mail or 1st Class Parcel, Priority Mail and Express Mail. All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.  

Register and/or Order from Coupon Dede's here

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