Sunday Coupon Preview 5-29-16
Sunday Coupon Inserts Preview

Many people like to look at the Sunday Coupon Preview 5-29-16 so that they can see the contents of upcoming Sunday Coupon Inserts and know what coupons will be in them. This way they will know in advance how many Sunday newspapers to purchase and/or they can pre-plan their weekly grocery trips. If they don't see many good coupons, or coupons for products that they would purchase, then there's no need to purchase a lot of newspapers. The coupons that are provided in each Sunday Coupon Insert may vary by region. So there may be a few more or a few less coupons in your insert than in other regions. Thanks to Jasper from for the lists.  Get your Free Coupons from multiple sources below.

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Sunday Coupon Preview

Not expecting any SmartSource inserts this week, but you can print free RedPlum coupons above.

Sunday Coupon Preview

Not expecting any RedPlum inserts this week, but you can print free RedPlum coupons above.

Proctor & Gamble
Sunday Coupon Preview

  • Align $3/1 product
  • Always $.50/1 feminine wipes
  • Always $.50/1 pad 12ct+ or feminine wipes product excludes discreet (6/11)
  • Always $.50/1 pantiliner 30ct+ excludes discreet (6/11)
  • Always $1/1 radiant or infinity pads 12ct+ (6/11)
  • Always $2/1 discreet liner or pad
  • Always $2/1 discreet underwear
  • Bounty $.25/1 product excludes single rolls
  • Bounty/Charmin $.50/1 basic product
  • Charmin $.25/1 product excludes single rolls
  • Clairol $2/1 natural instincts hair color or root touch-up hair color (6/11)
  • Clairol $5/2 hair color or cc + colorseal conditioner excludes age defy, balsam and textures & tones (6/11)
  • Covergirl $1.50/1 super sizer mascara or eyeliner product excludes accessories
  • Covergirl $1/1 product excludes accessories
  • Crest $.25/1 toothpaste 3oz+, liquid gel or kids toothpaste
  • Crest $7/1 3d white glamorous white 14ct, 1 hour express 4ct or 8ct, professional effects 20ct, 24ct or 25ct, professional effects + 1 hour express 22ct or supreme flexfit 14ct or 17ct whitestrips (6/11)
  • Febreze/Unstopables $.50/1 air product
  • Fixodent $1/1 adhesive 1.4oz+
  • Fresh Step $2/1 clumping litter 15lbs+ (6/25)
  • Gillette $1/1 clear gel antiperspirant/deodorant 2.85oz+ (6/11)
  • Gillette $2/2 clear gel antiperspirant/deodorant 2.85oz+ (6/11)
  • Gillette $5/1 fusion proshield razor (6/11)
  • Gillette/Satin Care/Venus $1/1 shave gel 5.9oz+
  • Gillette/Venus $3/1 razor or disposable 2ct+ disposables excludes sensor2 2ct and daisy 2ct
  • Head & Shoulders $3/2 full size products 380ml/12.8oz+ excludes all treatments
  • Katy Kat Matte $1/1 lipstick
  • Luvs $2/1 diapers
  • Metamucil $2/1 appetite control product
  • Metamucil $2/1 product
  • Olay $.75/1 body wash, 4ct+ bar or in-shower body lotion (6/11)
  • Olay $1.50/1 total effects or age defying facial moisturizer
  • Olay $2/1 pro-x or regenerist facial moisturizer or facial hair removal product
  • Olay $2/2 body washes, 4ct+ bars or in-shower body lotions (6/11)
  • Old Spice $.75/1 product excluding shampoo, 2-in-1 and styling products (6/11)
  • Old Spice $2/2 products excluding shampoo, 2-in-1 and styling products (6/11)
  • Old Spice $5/1 shampoo or 2-in-1 and 1 styling product (6/11)
  • Oral-B $1/1 adult or kids manual toothbrush excludes healthy clean
  • Oral-B $1/1 glide floss 35m+ or glide floss picks 30ct+
  • Oral-B $2/1 adult battery toothbrush
  • Oral-B $2/1 pulsar toothbrush
  • Oral-B $3/1 replacement brush heads 2ct+
  • Oral-B $5/1 vitality, stages or pro series 500, 1000, 2500, 3000, 3500, 5000, 5500 or 7000 rechargeable electric toothbrush (6/11)
  • Pampers $2/1 splashers swim diapers (6/11)
  • Pampers $3/2 bags or 1 box diapers or pants
  • Pampers $3/2 bags or 1 box easy ups training pants or underjams absorbent night wear
  • Pantene $1.50/1 styler or treatment product (6/11)
  • Pantene $1/1 expert collection (6/11)
  • Pantene $2/2 products must include shampoo and conditioner or styler excludes 6.7oz (6/11)
  • Pantene $5/3 products must include shampoo and conditioner or styler excludes 6.7oz (6/11)
  • Pepto-Bismol $.50/1 product
  • Prilosec OTC $1/1 product
  • Puffs $.25/1 product excluding to go
  • Secret $1/1 outlast, scent expressions or destinations antiperspirant/deodorant or body spray excluding 1.6/1.7oz (6/11)
  • Secret $2/2 outlast, scent expressions or destinations antiperspirant/deodorants or body sprays excluding 1.6/1.7oz (6/11)
  • Secret/Gillette $2/1 clinical 1.6oz+ (6/11)
  • Tampax $.50/1 16ct+ product (6/11)
  • Tampax $1/1 pearl or radiant tampon 16ct+ (6/11)
  • Venus $5/1 swirl razor (6/11)
  • ZzzQuil $2/1 product

Included In Some Markets:

  • Bounce $2/1 sheets 105ct+
  • Downy $1/1 product excluding libre enjuague, fresh protect, unstopables and liquid 12 load
  • Gain $5/3 laundry detergents, flings, liquid fabric enhancer, dryer sheets or fireworks excludes sheets 20ct or smaller and flings 5ct
  • Tide/Downy/Bounce $1/1 tide detergents, odor rescue or brights + whites rescue, downy products and bounce sheets 60ct+ or bursts excludes tide simply clean & fresh, simply clean & sensitive, pods and detergent 10oz, downy libre enjuague liquid 12 loads and unstopables
  • Tide/Downy/Bounce $3/3 tide detergents, odor rescue or brights + whites rescue, downy products and bounce sheets 60ct+ or bursts excludes tide simply clean & fresh, simply clean & sensitive, pods and detergent 10oz, downy libre enjuague liquid 12 loads and unstopables
  • Tide/Gain $2/1 tide pods or gain laundry detergent or flings excludes pods and flings 5ct

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