Cat Food Coupons, Litter, Treats, etc.
Dog Food Coupons, Supplies, etc.

Below you'll see how and where to get Free Cat Coupons, such as

 and more! Get free coupons from Tidy Cat, Merrick, Rachael Ray, Natural Balance and more!

Having pets can be expensive, which makes it all the more necessary to save money and to never pay full price when purchasing pet food and supplies. To assist you in saving money on these products, I have put together this page that contains loads of pet coupons in addition to other ways to save on these types of products. Visit this page when planning your shopping trip and print coupons that will save you a ton of money! You can also save here with online purchases (see the Online Purchases section).

Although the majority of the coupons are for regular cat and dog food, you can get coupons for specialty products. So whether you're searching for wellness, premium, top, human grade, fresh, high quality, exclusive, frozen, dehydrated, diet, hypoallergenic, raw, organic, low sodium, holistic, healthy, healthiest, low protein, good, limited ingredient, refrigerated, quality, low carb, vegetarian, high protein, diabetic, low fat, senior, top rated, high fiber, low calorie, allergy or gourmet, you can still find coupons to cut your costs!

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Cat Food Coupons, Litter, Treats, etc.
Dog Food Coupons, Supplies, etc.

Ways to get Free Pet Care Coupons


Most people get the majority of their coupons from the Sunday Paper. Since we suggest that you get at least 2 papers each week, to take advantage of BOGO and other deals, you should make certain that you're spending the least money that you can for your Sunday Papers. offers discounted newspapers, including delivery at discounted rates. Simply enter your Zip Code to see the rates for your area/region.  If their rates are less than what you're currently paying, then you should switch! You should also check our page of ways to get discounted newspapers.

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Click here to view all available Pet Care Coupons currently available from (the largest online source for printable coupons).

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View and select from the Top Pet Coupons shown below, then print the selected coupons.

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Use our searchable Coupon Database to see all Pet Care coupons currently available from most all sources. You can search using several different methods, for example, (1) in the Category section, select "Pet Care," then hit the "Search" button to see ALL available pet-related coupons from all sources; (2) Type a word into the search field, such as a brand name or type of coupon (like food or Friskies). 

The Coupon Database lists/includes:

  1. Sunday paper coupons: coupons that you can cut from an insert like RedPlum, SmartSource or P&G.
  2. Online Coupons, including printable coupons, electronic coupons and cashback coupons.
  3. Manufacturer Coupons that are currently available on a manufacturer's website.
  4. Magazine Coupons: For example, if "All You" magazine contains a particular coupon, it will tell you which issue to find the coupon.
  5. Store Coupons: such as Target, Walgreens, etc.
  6. Mail-in Rebates that are available for a particular food item.

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Use the Coupon Center below to find additional Free Pet Care Coupons from other online coupon sources, including Printable, Digital and Cashback coupons.

Get all of your FREE COUPONS here Everyday!

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Request Discount Coupons, Coupons for Free Stuff and Free Samples by mail directly from Manufacturers

You can get discount coupons, coupons for free pet supplies, products and free pet care samples by mail simply by emailing the product manufacturer directly. I've done this many times myself. Email them with a compliment, product suggestion or even a complaint (if you have one), and many times, they will send you product coupons and/or samples. Email them specifically asking for either of these items and guess what, they'll send them to you! Tell them how much you or a family member love their product (tell them which specific product), then ask if they can mail you any free samples, product coupons or discount coupons. Nine times out of ten, you'll get one or the other! For your ease, I've attached links to the Contact Us pages for some of the most popular Cat and Dog brands below.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Look on the packaging of your favorite products to see who manufacturer's it/them.
  2. Come to this page and locate the manufacturer.
  3. Go to their "Contact Us" form or email.
  4. Type a brief compliment letter (copy the letter first), then send.
  5. Come back to this page and locate the next manufacturer.
  6. Go to their "Contact Us" form or email.
  7. Paste the compliment letter that you copied earlier and change the product information, then send.
  8. (Rinse and repeat ☺)
  9. Keep a log/list of the manufacturers that you contacted and the date that you emailed them, so that you don't repeat repeat (lol).

While on the brand/manufacturer sites, you can also sign up for their Newsletter/Email to receive offers/coupons via email or mail. Some of these sites also offer a Rewards Program or Club and these programs and clubs often provide coupons, samples, contests/sweepstakes and information.

Note: Brands/Manufacturer's of larger items, such as furniture are not included in this list, because they would not send out free samples ☺.

Popular Pet Care Brands
List of the Leading Brands of dog food, cat food, cat litter, cat treats, flea and tick products, etc.

Note Websites, Bloggers, etc. - A lot of effort was taken to gather this information for my readers. Copying this page or these listings is strictly prohibited, but I have no problem with you referencing and/or linking back to this page. Thanks!



9 Lives

Arm & Hammer




Cat’s Pride

Church & Dwight

Citrus Magic


Fancy Feast

Feline Favorite

Feline Pine

Fresh Step




Homestyle Recipes


Lambert Kay


Marshall Pet Products

Meow Mix


Mimi Litter

Natural Balance

Natural Chemistry






Pure Balance

Pure Nature Pets


Purina Beyond

Purina Cat Chow

Purina Fancy Feast

Purina Friskies

Purina Kit & Kaboodle

Purina ONE

Purina Tidy Cats

Purina Whisker Lickin’s

Rachael Ray

Scoop Away


Simple Solution


Special Kitty


Super Pet


Tidy Cats

Van Ness


World’s Best Cat Litter

Zero Odor


4 Health










Black Gold



Canine Carry Outs




Dentist’s Best




Eagle Pack




Full Moon

Gravy Train






James Wellbeloved


Kibbles ‘n Bits

Life Abundance


Mighty Dog



Natural Balance

Natural Choice

Nature Diet

atures Recipese





Ol’ Roy

Old Roy

Old Yeller







Pure Balance


Purina Beggin’

Purina Beneful

Purina Busy Bone

Purina Dog Chow

Purina ONE

Purina Puppy Chow

Rachael Ray

Rachel Ray

Red Flannel

River run

Science Dog


Smokehouse Pet Products

Solid Gold







orking dogN


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Additional Ways to Save on Baby/Toddler Purchases

Shop Through Cashback Sites


Oftentimes, you save you can save much more money by purchasing online, rather than in-store. In addition to Sales on merchandise/products, you can also save money with (1) Cashback, (2) Coupon Codes, (3) Free Shipping, and No Sales Tax (if the store does not have a physical location in your State).

When purchasing online, you should ALWAYS try to purchase through a Cashback Site. With Cashback sites, you will earn cashback (usually from 1% to 10%) with every online purchase! The most famous Cashback site is Ebates, because they are one of the first and they advertise Nationally on television. But the best cashback site (in my opinion) is TopCashBack. Why TopCashBack? Because they pay the most out of any cash back site that I've found! I list the cashback amounts for both sites below on some of the more popular Baby/Toddler sites, so that you can see the difference in amounts. In some instances, TopCashBack may not offer a particular merchant/store and Ebates will, so I suggest that you sign up for both sites. It's free to sign up. Note that the cashback percentages/amounts shown below may change.

How Cashback Sites work:

  1. You sign up with the site(s), which is free. Many times, the site will offer you a freebie just for signing up (i.e., $10 Cashback, a $10 Gift Card)
  2. Enter the name of the Merchant/Store that you want to shop at.
  3. You will be shown the percentage of cashback that you will receive when you shop at that Merchant/Store.
  4. Click on a button to begin shopping. A new window will pop-up at the Merchant/Store's site. The difference is that instead of going directly to the Merchant's site, you will be transferred there, using a link/code that will track your purchase in order to determine the amount of cash back that you will receive.
  5. Make your purchase as usual. You can still use coupons or coupon codes at the merchant's site for additional savings. Also, if you don't qualify for free shipping, many local retailers will allow you to select the "Pickup at Store" option.
  6. Your cashback will be deposited into the casback site account, and you can withdraw the money or have it transferred into a PayPal account.

Earn Cashback Shopping at these Online Retailers:

  • 1-800-PetMeds (TopCashback = $10 Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Amazon (TopCashback = 6% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback
  • American Apparel Pet Products (TopCashback = 3% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • (TopCashback = $6 Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Bed Bath & Beyond (TopCashback = 4% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • (TopCashback = 4% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • BigAl' (TopCashback = 3% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • BJs Wholesale Club (TopCashback = 3% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • CanadaVet (TopCashback = 5% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Capturing Couture (TopCashback = 10% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • CatsPlay (TopCashback = 7% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • (TopCashback = 5% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Cherrybrook (TopCashback = 6% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • (TopCashback = 8% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • CP Toys (TopCashback = 5% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Dog Beds Store (TopCashback = 5% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Dog Collars Boutique (TopCashback = 10% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • (TopCashback = 5% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • ebay (TopCashback = 1.2% Cashback | Ebates = ??% Cashback
  • EntirelyPets (TopCashback = 6% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Etsy (Ebates = 1% Cashback
  • (TopCashback = 10% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Fur My Pet (TopCashback = 5% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Happytails Spa (TopCashback = 15% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Havahart (TopCashback = 6% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • (TopCashback = 5% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • HorseLoverZ (TopCashback = 4% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • (TopCashback = 8% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Jeffers Pet (TopCashback = 5% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Just4MyPet (TopCashback = 8% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Kahuna Brands (TopCashback = 12% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Kmart (TopCashback = up to 7% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback
  • (TopCashback = 12% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Life is Good (TopCashback = 10% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Only Natural Pet (TopCashback = Up to 10% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Pet Plus Pet Insurance (TopCashback = Up to 30% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Pet360 (TopCashback = Check for % Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • PetCareChoice (TopCashback = 12% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • PetCareRx (TopCashback = 6% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • PETCO (TopCashback = Up to 8% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • (TopCashback = 8% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • PetFoodDirect (TopCashback = 4% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Petplan Pet Insurance (TopCashback = $25 Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • PetSmart (TopCashback = Up to 6% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • (TopCashback = 8% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Plow & Hearth Pet Products (TopCashback = 8% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Puritan's Pride Pet Products (TopCashback = 12% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Sam's Club (TopCashback = Up to 7% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Sears (TopCashback = up to 7% | Ebates = ?% Cashback

  • Target (Ebates = 2% Cashback
  • Toys R Us (TopCashback = 2% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Value Pet Supplies (TopCashback = 8% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • (TopCashback = 3% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)
  • Walmart (TopCashback = up to 6% Cashback | Ebates = 2% Cashback
  • ?? (TopCashback = ?% Cashback | Ebates = ?% Cashback)

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Grab your Grocery List and search our Free Online Coupon Database to locate any currently available coupon! Coupons include Printable, Digital, Cashback & more!

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Save a bundle by shopping online and combining ways to save! 

  • Comparison Shopping (pricing the item at several stores)
  • Cashback (see chart below)
  • Coupon Codes (the best cashback sites also offer coupon codes)
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