2015 Coupon Insert Schedule
Sunday Coupon Preview

The 2015 Coupon Insert Schedule is provided to let you know which coupon inserts (SmartSource, RedPlum & P&G) will be in your upcoming Sunday Paper each week. You can also click on any of the available links and it will take you to the Sunday Coupon Preview for that particular Sunday.  The Preview is a list of the actual coupons that will be in each insert.  Use these tools to pre-plan your shopping trips, and/or to see how many newspapers to purchase that week. As you will see, on certain Holiday weeks, the newspapers will not contain any inserts at all. Please note that the coupon schedules and previews are subject to change, or may differ regionally.  

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2015 Coupon Insert Schedule
Sunday Coupon Preview

To see a particular Sunday Coupon Preview, simply click on that date
(if it is underlined)

4 – RedPlum, SmartSource, P&G
11 – RedPlum, SmartSource
18 – SmartSource
25 – RedPlum, SmartSource, P&G

1 – RedPlum, SmartSource
8 – RedPlum, SmartSource
15 – RedPlum (President’s Day)
22 – SmartSource

1 – RedPlum, SmartSource, P&G
8 – RedPlum, SmartSource
15 – RedPlum, SmartSource (Easter)
22 – RedPlum, SmartSource
29 – RedPlum, SmartSource, P&G

5 – No Inserts (Easter)
12 – RedPlum, SmartSource
19 – SmartSource
26 – RedPlum, SmartSource, P&G

3 – RedPlum, SmartSource, P&G
10 – RedPlum, SmartSource
17 – RedPlum, SmartSource
24 – No Inserts (Memorial Day)
31 – RedPlum, SmartSource, P&G

7 – RedPlum, SmartSource
14 – RedPlum, SmartSource
21 – RedPlum, SmartSource
28 – RedPlum, SmartSource

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5 – P&G (Yes), but No RP & SS Inserts
12 – RedPlum, SmartSource, Purina
19 – No Inserts
26 – RedPlum, SmartSource & P&G

2 – RedPlum, SmartSource
9 – RedPlum, SmartSource
16 – SmartSource
23 – RedPlum, SmartSource
30 – RedPlum, SmartSource, P&G

6 – No Inserts (Labor Day) - updated
13 – RedPlum, SmartSource
20 – SmartSource
27 – RedPlum, SmartSource, P&G

4 – RedPlum(2), SmartSource(2)
11 – RedPlum, SmartSource
18 – SmartSource
25 – RedPlum, SmartSource

1 – RedPlum, SmartSource. P&G
8 – RedPlum, SmartSource
15 – RedPlum, SmartSource
22 – RedPlum, SmartSource
29 – P&G

6 – RedPlum, SmartSource
13 – RedPlum, SmartSource
20 – No Inserts (Christmas)
27 – P&G (New Year's)

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