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Store Coupon Policies
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I have gathered the links for the Coupon Policies of over 140 Stores, so that you can print the ones for the stores that you shop at and take them with you on shopping trips.  Because often, the Cashiers (and sometimes even Managers) are not familiar with the Store Policy regarding coupons, so you will need to whip this baby out! Boy do they hate to see you prepared like that, when they challenge your coupon usage. I’ve done it several times. To quote James Brown, “It Feels Good!” But, it would be better, and not waste our time, if they knew their own Store’s policy and trained their employees properly. Can I get an Amen?!  Keep your patience and your cool though, because they don't like a smart a**.  Gently point out to them that their written policy differs from what they're saying, and ask to speak with the Manager if necessary.  

This is Page 2 of a long list of stores and their policies, including: Kroger, Rite Aid, Publix, Walgreens, Winn Dixie, Target & Walmart. I’ll keep adding to this list as I find others.  If you have a store's policy that I don't have, please feel free to shoot me a link. Also, if a store will not provide a coupon policy, see the bottom of this page for a Sample Letter that you can mail or email to them or their Corporate Office to try to get them to provide us coupon shoppers with a Coupon Policy.

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Coupon Policy
Store Coupon Policies


MainStreet Market



Market Basket




Metro Market


New Market

Nob Hill (see Raleys)

No Frills Supermarkets


Owen’s Market Digital Coupons Policy


P&C Fresh


Pay Less Super Markets Digital Coupons Policy

Pete's Fresh Market

Pick 'n Save

Piggly Wiggly

Prairie Market

Price Chopper

Price Cutter



QFC Digital Coupons Policy


Rainbow Foods


Ralphs Digital Coupons Policy


Ray's Markets (see Chief Markets Coupon Policy)


Rite Aid

Rosauers Supermarkets (scan to the bottom of the page and click on Coupon Policy)





Save Mart

Sellers Bros.

Shima's Market (see Times Supermarkets)

Shop Rite

Smart & Final

Smith’s Food & Drug Digital Coupons Policy
Smith’s Food & Drug Other Coupons Policy

Stater Brothers


Stop & Shop

Summer Fresh Supermarket

Sun Fresh

Sun Mart Foods

Super 1 Foods


Super One Foods



Times Supermarkets

Tom Thumb

Tops Friendly Markets

Trader Joe's (see email response below)
Thank you for your email.  We do not have a coupon policy as we do not often receive them in our stores and do not produce coupons for our brand.  We will accept coupons for the brands we do sell at their face value only.


Ultra Foods

United Supermarkets


VG's Grocery

Vic's Supermarket







Weis Markets

WinCo Foods


Woods Supermarket


Yoke's Fresh Market

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Email or Letter to Stores re: their Coupon Policy

Now, many stores don’t or won’t post their Coupon Policies. So, we as coupon shoppers have to keep bugging them until they do. If enough of us do this, they might finally give us something concrete. So here’s what I suggest: Send an email or letter to Customer Service similar to this: (feel free to copy)

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am a frequent coupon shopper at your store and could not find a Coupon Policy on your website. Please consider posting a policy; but in the meantime, please provide me with clarification on the following things:

• Do you accept manufacturer’s coupons, and is there a maximum dollar amount per coupon (i.e. $5.00)? 

• Do you accept computer printed coupons, and is there a maximum dollar amount per coupon (i.e. $5.00)? 

• If you accept computer printed coupons, may I print them in black and white? 

• Do you accept e-coupons on my Store Loyalty card? 

• Do you double or triple the value of manufacturer coupons? 

• If you offer Store coupons, do you allow “stacking” – the use of a Store coupon and a Manufacturer’s coupon for the purchase of one (the same) item? 

• If a coupon exceeds the price of the item, do you allow overages, do you adjust the price down, or do you disallow the coupon? Example: $1.00 coupon for a .98 cent item. 

• Can I use 2 manufacturers’ coupons on a BOGO offer, or am I limited to one coupon? 

• Do you take competitor’s coupons, and if so, which competitors (local, national, specific)? 

• Are there a maximum number of coupons that I may use in a single transaction (i.e. 100 coupons), or a maximum dollar amount of coupons (i.e. $200.00) in a single register transaction? 

• Do you match competitor’s prices? 

• Are your Stores independently owned and operated? And if so, can the individual Management deviate from the policies or answers that you provide? 

• Are there any other details regarding your Coupon Policy that I have failed to ask that you would like to inform me about? 

Thanking you in advance for your time!

Coupon Policies

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