10-9-16 Sunday Coupon Preview
Sunday Coupon Inserts Preview

The 10-9-16 Sunday Coupon Preview is provided so that you can see the contents of upcoming Sunday Coupon Inserts and know what coupons will be in them. This will help you to determine how many Sunday newspapers to purchase and allow you can pre-plan your weekly grocery trips. If you don't see many good coupons, or coupons for products that you would purchase, then there's no need to purchase a lot of newspapers. The coupons that are provided in each Sunday Coupon Insert may vary by region, so there may be a few more or a few less coupons in your insert than in another region 

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Coupon Inserts vary by Region, so your insert may not contain every coupon shown.
Expiration dates are shown at the end of listings in parenthesis ().
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10-9-16 Sunday Coupon Preview

  • Aleve $3/1 regular or pm 40ct+ product (11/15)
  • Aquaphor $1/1 healing ointment skin care 1.75oz tube only or lip care product .35oz (11/5)
  • Aquaphor $3/1 healing ointment skin care or baby product 3-16.9oz (11/5)
  • Better Than Bouillon $.75/1 product (12/31)
  • BIC $2/1 disposable razor pack ets (11/5)
  • Carefree $.50/1 product (11/20)
  • Chloraseptic $2/1 product 15ct+ or 1oz+ (10/23)
  • Cottonelle $.50/1 6+ rolls toilet paper (11/19)
  • Cottonelle $.50/1 flushable cleansing cloths 40ct+ (11/19)
  • Dannon $.50/3 whole milk single serve cups 5.3oz (11/6)
  • Energizer $.75/1 batteries or flashlight (11/5)
  • Energizer $1/1 hearing aid batteries (11/5)
  • Eucerin $1.50/1 body lotion or crème product 2-16.9oz (11/5)
  • Kimberly-Clark/Target $1/2 4pk+ Kleenex, 8pk+ viva paper towels, 9pk+ cottonelle bath tissue, 15pk+ scott bath tissue or 42ct+ cottonelle moist wipes ets (11/5)
  • Kimberly-Clark/Target $3/4 4pk+ Kleenex, 8pk+ viva paper towels, 9pk+ cottonelle bath tissue, 15pk+ scott bath tissue or 42ct+ cottonelle moist wipes ets (11/5)
  • Kleenex $.50/1 hand towels (11/12)
  • Kleenex $.50/3 50ct+ boxes or 1 bundle pack facial tissue ets (11/12)
  • L’Oreal $2/1 superior preference or preference absolue haircolor product (11/5)
  • Little Remedies $1/1 noses, fevers, sore throat or cough product (12/4)
  • Lucky Charms $.75/1 cereal (11/19)
  • Marie Callender’s $1/1 frozen multi-serve meal or family size pot pie 24-45oz (12/11)
  • Marie Callender’s $1/3 single-serve frozen meals 10-18oz (12/11)
  • Marzetti $1/1 vineyard dressing (12/4)
  • Nivea $2/1 body lotion, crème or oil product 2.6-21oz (11/5)
  • Nivea $3/2 lip care products .17oz stick - .59oz tin (10/22)
  • Nivea Men $2/1 face care or after shave 1.7-5.3oz or any 2 shaving products 3.5oz-8.7oz (11/5)
  • Nivea/Nivea for Men $3/2 body wash 16.9-25.4oz (10/22)
  • OxiClean $1/1 hd laundry detergent (11/12)
  • OxiClean $1/1 hd paks laundry detergent (11/12)
  • PediCare $2/1 product except gas and allergy products (10/23)
  • Playtex $1/1 sport or gentle glide tampons (11/20)
  • Playtex $1/1 sport pads, liners or combo packs excludes 20ct liners (11/20)
  • Scott $.75/1 bath tissue rolls 8ct+ (11/6)
  • Scott Naturals $.75/1 flushable cleansing cloths (11/6)
  • Similac $3/1 go & grow mix-ins (12/1)
  • Stayfree $2/2 products (11/20)
  • Sucrets $2/1 product (10/23)
  • Swedish Fish/Sour Patch Kids $1/2 6.5oz+ bags (11/19)
  • Totino’s $.50/2 12.3oz+ pizza rolls, blasted crust rolls, pizza sticks or stuffed nachos (12/3)
  • Totino’s $1/4 crisp crust party pizzas (12/3)
  • Tree Top $.75/1 apple sauce pouches 4 or 12pk (11/19)
  • Velveeta $1/1 20oz mini blocks (12/4)
  • Velveeta $1/1 dip cups (12/4)
  • Viva $1/1 6-k+ regular or vantage paper towels (11/20)
  • Welch’s $1/2 fruit snacks or fruit ‘n yogurt snacks 8ct+ excluding 80ct (11/19)
  • Yoplait $1/1 go big yogurt pouches (12/3)

10-9-16 Sunday Coupon Preview

  • Aspercreme/Icy Hot $2/1 lidocaine product (12/31)
  • Barilla $.75/2 sauce jars (12/4)
  • Clairol $3/1 hair color excludes age defy, balsam, textures & tones and trial (10/22)
  • Degree Men $.50/1 dry protection or fresh deodorant product ets (10/22)
  • Degree Men $2/1 dry spray antiperspirant ets (10/22)
  • Degree Women $1.50/1 dry antiperspirant or clinical protection product ets (10/23)
  • Degree Women $1/1 motionsense or ultra clear product ets (10/23)
  • Dove $1/1 beauty bar 4pk+ (11/5)
  • Dove $1/1 body wash 22oz+ (11/5)
  • Dove $2/2 beauty bar 4pk+ or body wash 22oz+ (11/5)
  • Gillette $3/1 men’s razor or disposable 2ct+ excludes sensor2 2ct (10/22)
  • Giovanni Rana $1/1 refrigerated pasta (12/31)
  • Giovanni Rana $1/1 refrigerated sauces (12/31)
  • Iams $3/1 7lb+ dry cat food (12/10) TARGET COUPON
  • Iams $3/1 9.3lb+ dry dog food (12/10) TARGET COUPON
  • Iams $3/2 wet dog/cat food multipacks (12/10) TARGET COUPON
  • Icy Hot $5/1 smartrelief pain therapy kit (12/31)
  • Icy Hot/Aspercreme/Capzasin/Sportscreme/Arthritis Hot/Flexall $1/1 topical pain relief product (12/31)
  • L’Oreal $2/1 advanced haircare shampoo or conditioner product excludes 3oz trial (10/22)
  • L’Oreal $2/1 advanced haircare treatment product (10/22)
  • L’Oreal $2/1 advanced hairstyle product excludes 3oz trial (10/22)
  • Luvs $2/1 diapers ets (10/22)
  • Mars $2/3 halloween bags 9-21.5oz dnd (10/31)
  • Quilted Northern $.55/1 bath tissue 6 double roll+ (11/8)
  • Quilted Northern $1.50/1 bath tissue 6 mega roll+ (11/8)
  • Rimmel London $1/1 product (12/31)
  • Rimmel London $2/1 lipstick (12/31)
  • Tide $1/1 simply detergent ets (10/22)
  • TruMoo $.55/1 gallon or 2 half gallon flavored milks (11/30)
  • Vaseline $1.50/1 intensive care lotion 10oz+ (10/23)
  • Venus/Daisy $3/1 venus razor or venus or daisy disposable 2ct+ excludes daisy2 2ct (10/22)

Proctor & Gamble
10-9-16 Sunday Coupon Preview

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